How to Use Geektool to Customize Your Mac’s Desktop

Geektool is a system for adding adaptable gadgets to your Mac’s desktop. Geektool runs completely on shell scripts clash of clans hack tool, which redesign like clockwork to show helpful data on the desktop. Altering Geektool is made simple by bundled scripts called Geeklets, which can be introduced rapidly and don’t require information of shell scripts to utilize.

Introducing Geektool

Introducing Geektool is straightforward; it needn’t bother with any records to introduce, simply download the application from Tynsoe Projects and run it. You ought to be welcomed by Geektool’s primary window.


Ensure you’ve empowered “Naturally dispatch at login” on the off chance that you need Geektool to pursue a reboot. It’s likewise a smart thought to place it in your Applications envelope with the goal that you don’t coincidentally erase it on the off chance that you ever wipe your Downloads organizer.

On the off chance that you close this window, Geektool will keep on running out of sight. In the event that you need to stop it, you will need to dispatch the application again and uncheck “Empower”, or click “Quit Geektool” from the menubar. You can likewise get to Geektool’s settings from this menubar.


Finding and Adding Geeklets to Your Desktop

Numerous Geeklets can be found on the official vault. Another incredible source is the Geektool subreddit. Geeklets come either as .glet documents or as individual scripts. The .glet documents can be introduced essentially by opening them and adding them to Geektool.

Properties_and_GeekTool 3

Scripts can be introduced by dragging another “Shell” Geeklet to the desktop and sticking the script into the “Order:” box.